Sunday, December 13, 2009

Whine Alert

Teaching has lot of perks...vacation time, great health insurance, fun colleagues.

One of the not so perky things is grading papers. Every day I get to the end and just don't feel like doing it, so they start to pile up. On Friday afternoon I have such high hopes for catching up over the weekend. Then the weekend comes and whaddya know? I don't want to sit and correct piles of friggin' paperwork. I want to do a little Christmas shopping, watch some TV, knit, goof off online, eat out, even clean out the garage. If I chose to go ahead and do any (or all) of those things, there's this nasty nagging feeling of guilt for not doing that paperwork.

It just can't all get done in the hour and a half of daily planning time I have (usually used for something awesome like photocopying or setting up a science experiment). Isn't there some way I can not work on the weekend and not feel guilty about it?

The worst: A kiddo in my class asking when he'll get his corrected math test back because his twin sister in the other class got it back days ago.

My response? "Let's just face it. Her life is so much better than yours." That got a smile.

End of venting session. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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