Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Worrier

Second graders are different in many ways from the fourth graders of my past. One such way--they're apparently not afraid to share and are very trusting of their teacher. Exhibit A: A little one came up to me after recess today and I could see the tears welling. Her chin started to quiver as she told me that her parents were arguing a lot at home and they're "just thinking about each other and no one's thinking about me and I'm worried." This is when the no hugging policy is null and void in my book. Life can be hard. Anyone know how to explain that to a 7-year-old?

A New Year...A New Grade

Last year was grueling. I think I lost blogging ground after about two posts. I pretty much sold my soul for the chance to become a principal and came up short. Slowly I've been picking up the pieces--spending time working in a funky resale shop, reconnecting with those I love, and turning a significant chunk of my hair a sound shade of purple. The last part is a bit of big deal because I think I mentioned that I changed schools last year. This school is muy differente than my previous one. It's high scoring, composed of families with 2.5 kids and students I can't tell apart--Are you Sam or Fred 'cause you both have blond hair and blue eyes--and "unnaturally" colored hair is again the rules. I'm serious. It's in the handbook. Last year I did my best to fit in in the new neighborhood. This year I showed up with purple hair and I'm trying to hang on to my spunk a midst the serious stuffiness.

I'm in a second grade classroom now, learning how to downshift and teaching how to perfect the art of the elbow sneeze. I hope you'll check back often as I hope to be posting regularly during this new adventure.