Thursday, September 29, 2011

A New Year...A New Grade

Last year was grueling. I think I lost blogging ground after about two posts. I pretty much sold my soul for the chance to become a principal and came up short. Slowly I've been picking up the pieces--spending time working in a funky resale shop, reconnecting with those I love, and turning a significant chunk of my hair a sound shade of purple. The last part is a bit of big deal because I think I mentioned that I changed schools last year. This school is muy differente than my previous one. It's high scoring, composed of families with 2.5 kids and students I can't tell apart--Are you Sam or Fred 'cause you both have blond hair and blue eyes--and "unnaturally" colored hair is again the rules. I'm serious. It's in the handbook. Last year I did my best to fit in in the new neighborhood. This year I showed up with purple hair and I'm trying to hang on to my spunk a midst the serious stuffiness.

I'm in a second grade classroom now, learning how to downshift and teaching how to perfect the art of the elbow sneeze. I hope you'll check back often as I hope to be posting regularly during this new adventure.

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