Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

My 31st birthday fell on the last day of school before the winter break this year. I wore a fun, fancy birthday dress and enjoyed the well wishes all day. Just as we were packing up to head out, one of my little ones reminded everyone, "Hey, we forgot to sing the teacher Happy Birthday!" I was in the middle of saying, "Okay, we will if we have time," when all 26 of them erupted into the loudest rendition of the traditional tune I've ever heard. Then the reminder proceeded to reproduce my own festive interrogation on me: "How old were you yesterday? How old are you today? Do you feel older and wiser? Anything special you're doing for your birthday?" Really, it was the sweetest! I've never had a class be so excited about my birthday and make me feel so special. I guess I'll keep 'em. :)

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