Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sex Education

Why would I be less happy teaching third grade? Because I wouldn't get to teach sex ed every year!

I love talking with the girls about all the important juicy details of growing up and I always show them my "supply drawer" where I keep just about anything a menstruating female might need. I tell them they can come in anytime, even if I'm teaching, and take anything they need. I'll replenish if it gets low.

Just the other day I had a sixth grader (that means I had her in my sex ed class two years ago, mind you) swing by to say hi and sheepishly ask if I had any tampons. I grinned and happily rolled open the supply drawer and told her she could choose her color-coordinated size. She pointed to the pads tucked in the back and said she'd rather have one of those. I told her to take as many as she needed. As she stuffed two into her sweatshirt pocket an headed out the door. I'm quite sure I was the proudest teacher you've ever seen.

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