Sunday, September 27, 2009

Memories of Last Week

We were all getting settled in Friday morning when I glanced over at their cubby and mailbox spaces. A little stuffed guinea pig was staring back at me through very well-fitting sunglasses. I couldn't help, but crack up...on the inside, of course...gotta keep that teacher game face on. I made a quick decision to put my amazing (okay, not so amazing) tech skills to work for me and took a photo of him on my phone and managed to get it all the way to my ActivBoard computer up front (basically a big computer monitor/touch screen that replaced my white board). Once I got it up there, I asked the kiddos to wrap up what they were doing and start getting ready for the next activity. Slowly I started to hear, "What the heck?" "Hey! It's Chub Chub!" (apparently this creature has a name) and "Sweet! Chub Chub is famous!" I get paid to do this job. It's a beautiful thing!

You're welcome for your first visual aid.

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