Saturday, October 3, 2009

Isopod Escape

We got a new science kit this year that includes bugs (students: yeah! teachers: boo!). Teams carefully constructed these foil "runways" (basically rectangles with sides) and set up three equal piles of soil-one wet, one moist, and one dry-to find a bug's preferred environmental element. Then we added a few isopods (a.k.a. potato bugs, pill bugs, or rolly pollys) to the runways. When I returned in the morning, I discovered that not only are isopods great roller-uppers, but they are also very skilled climbers. I found a couple on the counter, one on the floor and was left to wonder where almost all the rest had gone. One was found in the sink by a kiddo getting a drink later in the day...don't worry search & rescue was successful.

Next year higher foil sides. And you thought the kids were the ones doing all the learning.

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