Thursday, February 18, 2010

Call to Action

I have never had a more scary moment. One of my kiddos was drinking from a water bottle at his desk and started coughing. When it continued, I looked over at him and he had that look of sheer panic on his red little face. It was like the panic leapt from his chest into mine. I ran over thinking, "I've never given someone the Heimlich. Can I even do it?" I got to him quickly and as I did he started to take in breath again. Through more coughs and gasps he made it clear that he was alright. I asked if he scared himself. "Yes," he said with a big nod. "You scared me, too!" I replied. Then he started to laugh (too much adrenaline and emotion, I think). "I coughed everything in me out on my desk! I think I'm going to need a new paper."

Losing a paper I can handle. Losing a student, not so much. Whew!

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