Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Poop Day

I already wrote about Fart Day and today may have outdone it.

He came upstairs swinging a clear plastic bag tied shut with something white in the bottom. I said, "Hey, what's that?" (having a very good idea what it was). He pointed to a hip, confirming my suspicion. When I asked what happened he said, quite matter-of-factly, that he pooped his pants while running. You see, he'd had to go to the bathroom and then... I asked if someone had brought him clean clothes and he said, no, he'd just used what they gave him in the office. I had no idea they had fresh underoos in the office. How nice of them!

Later, after two birthday celebrations today, one kiddo piped up to say, "When we go home, our poop is either going to come out a cupcake or a cookie." Thus, Poop Day!

My EBM (see profile  to the right for definition) asked when teachers start telling kids what they say is inappropriate. I say: This teacher? Never!! Long live hilarious and somewhat inappropriate comments. Why else would I look forward to work each day? *grin*

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